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Matangi mia album torrent

matangi mia album torrent

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Never mind the wardrobe malfunction, there's the The Super Bowl finger! In a world where most pop stars' dabbling in politics is of a perfunctory, often naive nature, there exists a few explosive artists who really are game changers. Unfortunately, many are often disregarded as self-serving alarmists. As a Sri-Lankan refugee, the transplanted Brit M. A has been tireless in fighting for the Tamil people seeking independence back in her homeland.

With a father who co-founded the revolutionary Tamil Tiger movement, her's is more than just a privileged outsider connection. Mixing pop and politics is also what this jumpy documentary is all about. Before music became her weapon both intellectually and on the dance floor , video was M.

The results are a mixed bag, but effectively show the growth of a spirited, young radical into world famous persona, with many of her victories, and missteps along the way. It's an engrossing doc, and must viewing for anyone wanting a well rounded look into what M. At the very least, it'll increase the Google activity on a much overlooked part of the world. It's not about what side of the fence you're on as the Tamil-British pop star might argue that the fence doesn't really exist.

Reality is chaos. Chaos is imaginary. Does it really matter who ordered the truffle fries? I believe some singular artists are almost above dissection, and I believe in some singular artists unequivocally even if I don't actually understand or trust everything they say and do. But then again, who M. When M. The rawness, the beats, the cover-art, the originality! It was a huge creative influence for me and my circle of friends at the time. It is therefore a treat to be able to see how that album came to be, from the original footage from Maya's early days.

Her ingenuity was plain to see from a very young age, she was just dripping with creativity that poured out of her like a torrent, and this documentary captures it all. The old footage of her childhood, her art school days, and her homemade videos of family and friends, are by far the strongest parts of the film.

After this, it covers her rise to fame and details are lost in the shuffle. One minute she's filming her family in Sri Lanka, and the next she's playing international music festivals. But what happened in between, how did she move from film to music? How did she create her signature sound on Arular, which became the foundation for her future work? Though we do get to hear some of her earliest recordings, no in-depth information on her musical process is offered.

As the film progresses, it turns its focus increasingly towards her public image and becomes substantially less interesting. Her rebellious spirit, so enchanting as a young artist, becomes cloying when she, a wealthy popstar, explains that giving the middle finger at her Super Bowl performance was activism. Despite this criticism, Maya is an incredibly dynamic artist and I'm sure any fan of her music will certainly find this film worth watching.

This movie, well worth watching for M. Almost entirely composed of archival footage, it comes across as a labor of love from her longtime friend, director Steve Loveridge. There are scenes of extreme violence from Sri Lanka which could equate to an R rating. Maya herself opens up to the camera with her well-known charisma, beauty, musical talent, and sincerity. I had a hard time with the non-linear narrative, and the film itself seemed to sputter out at the end.

Much of the hand-held shaky camera shots were unwatchable on the big screen. A shame, because the subject matter was compelling. As far as self-documentaries go, I'd say this is one of the best. You'll immediately notice that she's a talent around the camera and the portrayal of the three faces of her life, "Matangi, Maya and M. When it comes to the political side, it does a decent job at portraying what an immigrant, especially a Sri Lankan or an Indian would have to experience when moving to most western countries even in this day and age.

Above all it's not boring to watch. Because I've found most documentaries that are based around artists like this to be quite sluggish and boring but definitely not this one. The politics. Her argument for the Sri Lankan army's alleged atrocities is extremely one-sided. If I were a Tamil who supported the LTTE and their views, I'll accord with almost every statement she makes about the civil war in this documentary.

The Sri Lankan civil war was an immensely, tremendously complicated situation which ultimately stands every party that got involved in it at fault. To put it simply, there were no good guys and bad guys. Both sides traded blows and only ones that truly got hurt were the innocent civilians and the heroic young soldiers.

It's not right of her to accuse an entire nation with atrocities while only having exposure to a mere fraction of the situation. These facts alone were grim enough for me to give this a 4 out of Is a solid make for a "self-documentary" and it's a shame that numerous bits got cut out in the final production as she stated in an interview with Vanity Fair as I'm sure they could've also been equally engaging.

But it's easy to understand as to why they were cut out in the first place. The message she's trying to put out is simply deceiving for anyone who don't know about the history and the development of the Sri Lankan civil war. Create a list ». Films I've Watched. Viennale Duke's Top Documentaries for See all related lists ».

Share this page:. Clear your history. See more at IMDbPro. Trailer Official Trailer. Photos 9. Top cast Edit. Self as Maya Arulpragasam. Spike Jonze Self archive footage. Madonna Self archive footage. Bill Maher Self archive footage. Nicki Minaj Self archive footage. Tavis Smiley Self archive footage. Steve Loveridge. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia Director Steve Loveridge was scolded by Roc Nation for releasing this movie's trailer months before the publicity blitz for M.

Loveridge responding by writing that he "would rather die than work on" the movie anymore. User reviews 10 Review. Top review. Refuge to riches. Considering that M. Just like the star of the show, this film is very political, very unflinching; a lazy conclusion would be to consider the film more about Maya and Sri Lanka rather than her music, but by showing us exactly where she came from, what she sings about and what motivates her, her music is actually done more of a service than endless talking heads describing her albums and songs would have.

And when concert footage is shown it has all the more impact, it is never used as filler like in most music biography documentaries which are usually really closer to tour videos with some talking inbetween. Much misunderstood, especially in America, this documentary reveals M.

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Title Writer s Producer s Length 1. Sugu Doc McKinney Switch [a]. Switch M. So Japan [b] Surkin [b]. Arulpragasam Chauncey Hollis. Arulpragasam Nate Hills Marcella Araica. Arulpragasam Hollis Rashad Muhammad. Hit-Boy Haze Banga [c].

Arulpragasam Fernhout Leembruggen Jasper Brightman. Arulpragasam S. Arulpragasam Rosalee Pfeffer. Arulpragasam McKinney Tesfaye Montagnese. Spotify and Amazon MP3 exclusive bonus track [73] [74] No. Title Writer s Producer s Length Arulpragasam Hollis Muhhamad. Spotify exclusive bonus track [75] No. McKinney Schlachthofbronx The Partysquad. Sugu — production tracks 1, 13 Doc McKinney — production tracks 1, 14 ; vocal recording track 10 ; recording track 14 Switch — vocal production track 1 ; production, mixing tracks 2, 3, 5—7, 12, 13 Neil Comber — mixing tracks 1, 2, 5 ; engineering tracks 1—3, 5—7, 12, 13 M.

CD digital download. Slant Magazine. Retrieved 6 January Archived from the original on 11 November Retrieved 26 December New York Daily News. The Washington Post. Blasts Oprah and Gaga, Drops on Billboard ".

Retrieved 2 November Retrieved 8 November ISSN Rolling Stone. Retrieved 3 November BBC News. MTV News. Unleashes Reworked Single 'Bad Girls' ". Retrieved 30 May Archived from the original on 22 December The Huffington Post. Los Angeles Times. USA Today. Archived from the original on 19 October Retrieved 1 November — via TwitPic. Archived from the original on 26 October Retrieved 1 November — via Twitter.

The Guardian. Retrieved 1 November Retrieved 12 November Retrieved 15 August Retrieved 9 November Archived from the original on 30 October United States. Archived from the original on 4 November Official Charts Company. Archived from the original on 23 October Retrieved 16 November Teases New Single 'Y.

Retrieved 24 October United Kingdom. Retrieved 23 June Retrieved 31 December Retrieved 6 November Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved 5 October The Independent. Archived from the original on 14 November The Irish Times. Archived from the original on 3 March Retrieved 5 November The Times. Leaves Jay Z's Roc Nation". Retrieved 23 January The A. Retrieved 23 May Retrieved 19 December Retrieved 27 August — via robertchristgau.

Retrieved 20 December Retrieved 13 July Retrieved 14 November Retrieved 26 November Hits Daily Double. Archived from the original on 3 August Retrieved 3 August USA Today 5 February TwitPic 20 November Twitter 9 April Fact 7 August The Guardian 7 January Prometheus Global Media 7 January The Huffington Post 8 August Stereogum 24 September Status Ain't Hood interviews M.

CBS Interactive. The A. Club 5 November Clash 5 November The Guardian 31 October IPC Media 31 October Pitchfork Magazine 5 November Wenner Media 5 November Slant Magazine 4 November Spin 4 November Pitchfork Media 18 December TIME 4 December Official Charts Company 24 July Official Charts Company 16 November Rap-Up 13 November Prometheus Global Media 21 July Prometheus Global Media. Prometheus Global Media 15 November Australian Recording Industry Association.

Hung Medien. IFPI Greece. Tower Records Ireland.

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