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peepcode gallery css download torrent

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First I wrote my css with BEM methodology. It is not necessary to use for small projects and this one is a small one , but for bigger projects where you have many class names it makes easier to understand where they came and what they represent. I just used it here, because I am learning it myself, so the best way to learn it is to use it and so here it is. Please BEM supporters and experts, feel free to comment with something that can be improved; I appreciate it.

Giving just a small explanation, you give a class name for a block element. And so it goes to all other elements inside that block. Now imagine that you have a link that has a class that becomes active "on click", in that case that element has the name of modifier and the class will have the name like navbar--classname.

Please notice that even the link is inside the navigation element, the class name will be the block element plus the --classname. In the link there are some examples for you to understand more and leave some comment if you want that I do deeper in that in some future post. Back to the navbar, inside of it we have 2 divs. One where are the links of the page, and other where are are the social media links.

Inside of the first div, we put an unordered list with all the links we want and in the second div, another unordered list where we have the links I used the FontAwesome icons. This is how it looks:. So let's start add some "color" to it. Because we want to build it mobile first, we want that our divs inside the navbar are one on top of the other and when it goes to desktop size, that they go side by side.

We display flex to the all navbar and put direction column by default it goes row. So that mean that the flex was given to the children of the element that in this case are the divs. And just like this they are on top of each other.

Let's also add align the items to center and give them some space with justify-content: space-between. You can play with the styles after, the most important thing here to retain is that was also applied the flex to the list, in the mobile first approach and that is for them to display along the x axis. For the links we also used flex:.

What you might have realized is that if you see it in full screen, nothing changes. Even that it doesn't look bad we said that we wanted to put the divs inside of the navbar, side by side. So we could made many media queries for different mobiles and desktops but I will keep it simple and just going to add one that is for the tablet. So we want that when it reaches the minimum width of px tablet size , the divs start going side by side and stayed like this, no matter how big is the screen.

So what is happening here? If you never did any media queries I try to explain. Media queries are modules that make the render of your page different for different sizes of the screen. And how you do it? So in this case we use the min-width: px because we want that till that size, it all keeps the same but after we want some changes. And what are the changes? Most important is the display as flex in the navbar but with direction of row.

Then to look it better I align the items to baseline, so that the links are in the same link and the icons because they have different size, they would be not aligned. Also for the links and icons I gave some padding and add some font-size to look it bigger.

So navbar is done, let's start our image gallery. I also have the title and add some animation to it, but because it was not the main point of this tutorial, I will not explain it here even that it is on the final example and also in the last codepen and my Github and video. So this is our html looks like with our gallery:. Then its a repetition of the divs with different images. All images are inside a section that has a class of container and it is where we going to apply our grid system.

Then inside the section we put a div, and inside that div will be an image I used links from unsplash. Also we add a span where we will add a text to be on each image on hover:. Not that pretty right? Let's think what we want to achieve. For this example we have already the images on our html. But Imagine that you don't know how many images you are going to have, or that you want to add more and more images every time?

You don't want to go change the css every time to make the gallery always looks the same right? For that reason and others, CSS Grid is a great choice. So let's start. To use css grid you only have to give to the container the display property of grid. Then we also add a gap of 40px from each div. The real magic happens with the property grid-template-rows. Here we use the auto-fit and minmax that it alouds to create as many columns as necessary, being responsive and because of that we don't need to write media queries, because it adapts to every screen.

So the repeat as the name says, allows to repeat the columns as you need. Say you want to create 8 columns you can write grid-template-columns: repeat 8, 1fr. Like this CSS will create 8 columns with the same size 1fr. But we don't want this. We want that depending of the div that we have, that more or less columns are added. We can then achieve that with auto-fit. Like the name says, it will fit them automatically. Then we set a minmax that we want for the minimum and the max of the column.

Because we want to achieve square picture we add also a size for the rows. But it stills looks a bit off and that's mostly because we have to set the image to fit on the div. So now let's take care of our text. Now it's under the image, but we want to show up only on hovering the image. And like this there is no text anymore. Get certified by completing a course today! If you want to report an error, or if you want to make a suggestion, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail:.

Tutorials References Exercises Videos Menu. Dark mode Dark code. Margins Margin Collapse. Float Clear Float Examples. Navbar Vertical Navbar Horizontal Navbar. Shadow Effects Box Shadow. CSS can be used to create an image gallery. Add a description of the image here. Responsive Image Gallery How to use CSS media queries to create a responsive image gallery that will look good on desktops, tablets and smart phones.

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Creating Stunning Visualizations With Impress.

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