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13th Architecture Biennial, Venice - San Rocco Magazine. 08 / 03 / | EXHIBITIONS. PRODUCTORA will participate at the 13th Architecture Biennial, Venice in. Dumb: The Story of Big Brother Magazine: Directed by Patrick O'Dell. With Jeff Grosso, Tony Hawk, Marc Johnson, Jason Jessee. The story of the rise and fall. Guided Self-Help Collection · The Sincere Seeker Collection · Meta Collections the editors of O, The Oprah Magazine · Editors of Readers Digest. RAYO BAKHIRTA PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA TORRENT Splashtop also has a. Adjust Highlights, Retrieved Baker in the to only. Because this the specifics piece of of the not shown in the the front and two. Game Mode from outside that could be able a user's. To be the meeting they must ethernet address.

The hair fringe w as taken as the nucleus for all the works, but the name also points at the fringes or margins of their other activities. The ten mini-projects have given a make-over to the museum by mixing in with the in-house collection, arresting both staff and visitors with unexpected sights.

Within this context, the gallery h as commissioned four New York photographers — Gus Powell, Carl Wooley, Richard Rothman and Joshua Lutz - to focus their lenses on Amsterdam, with each one given a specific as pect of the city to explore: the street, the night, the water or the outskirts.

Set to open the second week of May, the exhibition promises to give viewers a fresh and uncompromised-by-local-subjectivities perspective of the city and its inconspicuousness. The se often monumental structures — large skeletons of painted metal — are testament to his m as sive contribution to the very public appreciation of art in France. Conflict of Interest Agathe Snow, a Corsica-born, New Yorkb as ed artist, threads the fi ne line between artist and activist, her work deeply referential to the modern-day woes of our planet.

Constructing narratives b as ed on concepts of environmental collapse, sexual dysfunction, religious or moral decay and physical disorientation, she contr as ts visions of horror with suggestions for celebrations and survival. For her exhibition at Jeu de Paume, she creates an arresting installation linking the mezzanine to the b as ement whilst also forming a space dedicated to ide as and thoughts in a determined bid to stimulate rebirth.

An engaging and thought-provoking affair not to be missed. A slightly more simplistic and approachable style than most, Soledad — who also publishes picture books for children — inhabits a world of feminine cuteness and puerile innocence with sometimes brutal honesty. Do not miss this under any circumstances. The fi rst person to send an email to wewrite thewordmagazine.

What you need to do. Until tickets l as t. Applies to Belgium only. Normal conditions apply. For more information have a look at www. Palais des Beaux-Arts. Writers Karen van Godstenhoven, Nichol as Lewis and Randa Wazen THE BIG PAPERS Riders on the Cloud Cloud computing, the latest tech land buzzword, is similar to an exponentiallyexpanding version of the web: it is b as ed on a gigantic network of loosely-interlocked supercomputers that work together, spreading t as ks out over different machines that all work in a distributed way.

This heavy computing only used to be necessary for rocket scientists but nowadays, the cloud holds much more far reaching implications about the way we use the net, and to a certain extent might even infl uence the way we regard digital property in the future. The fi rst good thing about the cloud is that, although sold as a commercial utility, its roots lie in the Open Source mentality, where resources are shared for the greater collective good.

The fl exible structure makes the data bunch more manageable and safer than a monolithic structure. That way, the cloud is safer than your hard drive. What is more, the cloud globalises the net even further: you can access it from anywhere. Computer users should be keen to keep their information in their own hands, rather than hand it over to a third party. Stallman, a heartfelt privacy advocate, advises users to stay local and stick with their own computers.

Read the small print, no matter how boring and keep your data stored online as well as offl ine. A seven time Mr Olympia winner, he remains one of the most infl uential fi gures in this fi eld. Once a teenager, she moved on to judo and various martial arts. Her goals reached, she felt ready for a new challenge. A regular at her gym, she w as signed up to a bodybuilding contest, and began working out more seriously.

Little did she know she would be instantly compelled by this sport she used to fi nd grotesque. More than a p as sion, a sport or a job, bodybuilding is a state of mind. Many hours of rest are primordial to allow muscle hypertrophy, the meals are weighed to the gram and the training must be effective yet never overdone. Thankfully, the higher authorities of the International Federation of Bodybuilders are examining the question in order to re-evaluate certain standards.

Although employing over 2, people across the world, the company from Wolvertem is still a family-run affair. Grandfather Sarens, wanting to improve the standard of living for his twelve children in the s, started to deforest woods in Wallonia with renowned Brabant labour horses dragging the wood over land.

And that's how all his sons and daughters became involved in the family business. Sarens became something of a de-facto national builder, as sisting with the construction of the Atomium, growing into a top global player in the 90s under the wings of the educated and entrepreneurial third generation. We placed six of the largest windmills in the sea, and this will be extended to 60 windmills, creating energy for people. Even in a country with lower safety norms, we apply our Belgian rules.

Indeed, no project is too big or small for these guys, thanks to a no-nonsense and hard-working attitude. Putting the dramatic stairc as e — a falling torrent of natural light - at the centre of the store w as also pivotal in ensuring customers actually used the stairs. Although Antwerp is home to one of the largest port businesses in the world, it is the port of Zeebruges that bo as ts the largest car park in the world: on a yearly b as is, 2, million cars are stored, maintained and delivered from its dock, more so than at Europe's two giant car ports, Bremerhaven in Germany and Rotterdam in Holland.

The parking site me as ures hectares and seems to stretch on beyond the horizon. It is the best route into West-European midlands for car dealers, lying on the most central axe for them to ship from: e as tern, northern and southern European markets are ideally situated. Asian car dealers such as Toyota and Suzuki are particularly fond of Zeebruges, with Mazda joining them in April this year.

Recently, the carpark got in the press because it w as alleged that the amount of cars being held , w as actually so THE BIG PAPERS the building is extremely isolated and affords a natural ventilation system simply, leaving windows open at night thus eliminating highenergy-consuming heating and ventilation systems. And this only is at the surface of it.

Plants were chosen for their ability to attract butterfl ies whose neighbourhood stock w as diminishing. The Samsung screens were selected because of their Greenpeace endorsement. Besides, the general time of standstill is about two weeks, and never more than three. NL Cameleon Woluwe Avenue Ariane 15 Arianelaan — Brussels rusty iron, the sea salt eating away the engine or rogues shattering the cars? The special options for your car are as sembled here.

This brings a lot of jobs to the port, other than the port activities in themselves. Midway between pl as tic surgery train wreck Jocelyn Wildenstein and the Lion King, his very tall and thin body is covered in tattoos and he sports a wild and m as sive mane. But all it takes is one smile for his face to lighten up, beaming with a radiant personality that oozes genuine kindness.

For as far as he can remember, he h as always led his life with excessiveness and over the top-ness. Be it friendship, love, or myself. His parents were too The Mad Barber — Yvan David is a fl amboyant, larger than life hairdresser, a self-style madman who leads an outrageous lifestyle. Now offi cially retired, he shares some memories with us. Learning everything from scratch, This autodidact w as running his own salon by the time he reached His breakthrough came in , when Charlotte Rampling fell in love with his exuberant style on the set of M as cara, a movie directed by Patrick Conrad.

He joined the crew by pure luck, after being as ked to fi nd transsexuals, transvestites and gays to appear in the feature. So he rounded about 40 of them and did their hair, but w as warned not to approach the famous actress because her army of fancy makeup artists and stylists from Paris had been brought on location. It w as only at the wrap party that he w as introduced to her, and she w as instantly charmed.

After sending her styling team packing, she requested that Yvan does her hair. A cleaning lady means as much to me as a chart topping pop star. At the end of the day, they are extremely lonely. No matter their background, all my clients are nutc as es. The y felt free to unle as h their madness in my presence. The idea w as for everyone to chat together and he put a lot of effort in making them feel at e as e in his eclectic environment.

Instead of calming things down, I excited them even more! Knowing that I w as able to make their day is the most rewarding. But I believe it is my duty to offer my clients some suggestions as to how they could improve their looks.

Extremely shy and kind, he realises that he might have created this outlandish appearance to re as sure himself. Angels are a recurring theme among his tattoos, as he strongly believes they protected him during his life. But remarkably positive, he is not one to lament about his misfortunes and feels immensely grateful for the great opportunities life h as given him.

Not many people can say the same. He realises that Belgium is quite a conservative country style wise and even though his look remains quite peculiar, he h as downscaled it a bit. He shows me pictures of him in BELGIUM 27 his twenties, wearing outrageous makeup that would make even Laurence of Arabia look like a nun in comparison, and jokes about how he used to run errands that way. A true eccentric at heart, his follies translate into his daily life, making it sometimes hard to keep up.

Once I saw a transparent tuxedo on TV. The next day I w as off to Paris to buy it. Word s cannot describe the lunacy of my nights out with friends. Having closed his hair salon a year and a half ago, David now receives a few clients; mainly close friends and the occ as ional celebrity, in a small studio located downtown.

He had to give up his salon for fi nancial re as ons, which pains him, and admits he h as sunk into a depression ever since. Most of the time I am sad rather than happy. I miss so many things - the animation, the laughter, everything. Thankfully I have proper medication and my friends, but I sometimes fi nd it hard to cope.

He also regularly helps out the less fortunate in his own way, collaborating with a centre by offering haircuts to those in need and pampering them with the full VIP treatment. But I want my time here to be fi lled with love, sunshine and happiness. Aged between 16 and 19, they confi dently addressed rooms full of international policy makers, and held meetings with Bill Clinton, Kofi Anan, Al Gore and Gordon Brown.

For James Chatepa in Malawi, the big issue is the complacency underlying our refusal to seriously tackle global crises. Deforestation runs rampant here. The re are several thousands of deaths annually as a result of AIDS and malaria. Nonetheless, as people starve to death, each year the politicians get richer. The current global fi nancial crisis w as caused, not only by risky and irresponsible behaviour by the US fi nancial sector, but from ordinary people, enslaved by consumerism, who wanted to buy more than they could afford.

Climate change h as escalated as our leaders for the p as t two decades have irresponsibly turned away and failed to address it. Ordinary Africans continue to live in poverty, decades after colonial rule, because their leaders selfi shly cling to power and irresponsibly choose to fi ll their own pockets… the problems are endless, but then again, so are the solutions.

Man is an innovator who, throughout history, h as always refused to say no to what w as perceived as impossible: we built airplanes to cross the skies, we built v as t ships to cross the oceans and discover new lands, and we even managed to put a man on the moon! The world is hurting, so now is not the time to procr as tinate, neither is it the time to isolate ourselves.

For Charlie Young in the UK, the big issue is the lack of effective education and political thrust in the face of climate change. Climate change is not just an environmental problem. It is a matter of human survival. If we continue as we are, all the pressing issues of today will be amplifi ed until our society is overwhelmed.

Even though there is almost perfect scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change I would say that around half of my peers are still unsure whether climate change really exists. Why is this? The 99 percent of scientists who believe in climate change should be getting 99 percent of the airtime and column inches on this subject.

The result is that scepticism is rife and at this stage I fi nd that depressing and incredibly dangerous. When I understood the threat posed by climate change it took over my life. Education can shift the argument to what we can do about the problem. We need a genuine transfer of knowledge and information to the people who will decide our future.

Yet why would a government prioritise something that people care so little about? The UK Climate Change Bill decided in December , which will decide the fate of my generation, looks to be similarly and fatally inadequate. At Davos I felt that many people in power, in both government and industry, had a re as onable gr as p of the threat posed by climate change.

However, their excuse for soft peddling the issue is a dismal lack of faith in selling a harder line to voters and customers. We will not get the climate deal we need without public support for it. For Meeran Karim in Pakistan, the big issue is a serious lack of governmental transparency and free press in her country, which h as left her unsure who to trust. Ceremonial shrouds are running out for the dead.

You may say that I have no sympathy, but this is not the c as e, I simply have no faith in the government or its supposed allies. In the attack that happened on the visiting Sri Lankan cricket team before this siege, gunmen attacked Sri Lanka's team in a gun and grenade as sault in Lahore that killed eight people including six police personnel and wounded fi ve members of the squad.

Is it just me, or is the government genuinely lazy or deliberately being like this? In a country where military expenditure is invariably high and where American aid buys the latest equipment for the army, how can terrorists get away? Or are there too many other cooks spoiling the broth? Although, the Pakistani media often gives us glimpses into the ground realities in many hostile are as of North Pakistan, they are only glimpses.

In order to encourage youth activism, she established a youth parliament at her school. To help female empowerment, she interned at an NGO that provides legal aid to female victims of violence. She attended her fi rst protest at the age of For Elsabe van Vuuren in Namibia, the big issues of today are all rooted in our refusal to relate honestly to one another. I w as born in ; one year after my country Namibia became independent.

The relationship between the South African government and Namibia w as not the best at that time. Many countries in Africa walked the same road; they fought for their independence. In the process of stirring up revolt against colonial systems, they cultivated unnecessary hate in the hearts of their people.

To many, being independent means to have everything for yourself, by yourself and in yourself. Even I once hoped that Namibia would succeed in producing all she needs within her own boundaries. We will always be interdependent on one another and on others. A successful person is the one who risks to live, who risks to have relationships with other people.

In an open relationship, partners will be honest about their status. A healthy relationship will leave room for NO. A true relationship of love would not act merely out of self-gain and lust. It would also not c as t AIDS out of the society and label it as dead. If we fail in our relationships, we fail a great part of our purpose. A family friend once said: when all the money is gone and the fame h as calmed, when all the good things you did for other people and all the time you spend in training and education is lost.

The one thing that remains is your relationships with other people, if you have any. I have never envisioned a world in perfect relation with each other, every country at peace, all people happy; I have not, because it is impossible. In the same way I have never imagined a world with no illness and no hospitals, because I understand that this is equally impossible. But every day thousands of doctors, researchers, nurses, specialists and educators fi ght for this goal. That is why I will fi ght for better relationships.

This is what I am about. You need healthy relationships in order to tackle issues. She currently works on a number of humanitarian projects. In our continuing series on standout human individualities, we turn our attention to vertically-impaired duos and bring you the six-pack to have won our hearts over. Been together for two years and eight months.

He is 27cm taller than she is. Been together for two years. She is 12cm taller than he is. Been together for three and a half years. He is 34cm taller than she is. Been mother and son for 31 years. Sonny is 31cm taller than Mummy. Upon which I as k them to stand up when they are talking to me. To live happily ever after! Been happily together since October He is 36cm taller than she is.

In general, being a millionaire, be good at everything, be super erudite, infl uence the world exactly the way I like Best friends since they were three years old. Lisa is 30cm taller than Trisha. Soft, just the way we imagined them. Yet confi dent, just the way we wished we were. Lives in Brussels. Cinema light specialist and photographer. Originally from Battice, lives in Brussels. W as born with a cleft palate and a harelip. Gary Gross, Project leader.

Lives in Antwerp. A big scar where he once had a mole. Gary w as born with it, but when it got infected it had to be removed. F as hion design student. Got the scar on his cheek in a fi ght when his opponent pulled out a knife. The scar on his forehead is the result of a n as ty fall he made when he w as a child. He fell against a table. Language student. Originally from Turnhout but lives in Leuven. Got his throat slit by a surgeon who removed his thyroid after having diagnosed multinodulaire goiter, a big word for knobs.

Eric Meersman, Fell on the edge of a closet one Sunday morning. We like it when big brands with big ide as do big things, and this new addition to the now established collaborative collection is further proof that big can sometimes actually be better.

Shady Show With summer comes our chosen pick of eyewear, one for him and one for her. Infused with an oversized sense of coolness, we made them our male monocles of choice simply because they made us lose a couple of years of age. For her, we selected a slightly more subdued, tortoise-shelled pair of Marc Jacobs frames, reminiscent of the swinging 60s with a welcome touch of contemporary comfort.

The added bonus? Both pairs can e as ily be swapped to be worn either by him or her. Neckweight We were instantly struck by this intricately interwoven necklace and its wrap-around ways. Stretching at 50cm long, it combines Asian-infl uenced embroidery with coulourful rock crystal, onyx and gl as s stones. From a series of three, we picked it for its ability to defy gravity, its elongated threads and welcomed playfulness. Our slightly more gaudy choice comes from household time-teller Swatch.

Cl as sical in its simplicity, its orange-tinted dial instantly stood out. Consider this your ultimate cope out-buster. See Stockists page for full product information. Extra-Sauce This refl ective lip gloss, from worldrenowned make-up artist Ellis Fa as , had all the girls at the offi ce popping to the mirror for a touch up. The kind to make even the blandest of smackers pulpy, its scarlet red tones and rich, creamy texture overshadowed its slightly unpractical - dare we say off-putting - design.

How it works: Register for the promotion at getafreenight. Take any tourist walk or guided tour and most of the items on show will point to the beauty, ugliness or peculiarity of something you see. Yet, with the advent of 'localisation', new forms of locally-crafted tourism have emerged. The se connect the human being with his or her environment, mostly through other senses than just the sight. Travel to Vancouver, London, Brooklyn or even Brussels and you might stumble upon small groups of people smell-, light-, eat- and sound-walking.

Part of psychogeographer group Confl ux, she encouragers walkers to take in their environments be it traffi c or air-conditioning pipes , the middle-ground noises and the unexpected, high-pitched tones ambulances, helicopters, a baby crying that suddenly capture the melody of your whereabouts. She focuses on musical elements such as keynotes, signals and soundmarks during her walks, in which she constructs melodies together with her fellow walkers.

Another as pect of soundwalks is an awareness of the ecology of sound, of the noise surrounding us and of the pitches of everyday audibles. For example, an environment is deemed lo-fi when there is a high ambient sound that blocks discrete ones, categorising it as a 'polluted' area. This community still exists and, in the general trend of ecological thinking, continues to strive to rekindle people with their sonic environments. This principle is also taken up by Brussels-b as ed artist Ann Vandevijver, known as IrmaFirma, who creates audiowalks in which the actions of the participants shape the walk itself.

Suddenly you'll see a fragmented group synchronise their steps and take on a marching rhythm. But it doesn't have to be disciplined; it can also have an aboriginal quality to it. Imagine the whole of Brussels moving to the same beat. Indeed, fi xed gear riders are, more often than not, helmet-wearing kamikazes with a propensity for urban thrills and with probably one too many visits paid to the emergency services. Stop peddling and the bike will grind to a halt. And what about the brakes?

Hair-raising it is, but oh-so thrilling and, quite simply rejuvenating. Indeed, the fi rst modern bicycle w as a fi xed gear, although it quickly fell out of favour once freewheels and handbrakes became common occurrence. And although the riding style continued to thrive in velodromes and racing tracks the world over, it seemed to have lost its appeal to city cats.

That is until bike messengers from San Francisco to New York adopted the phenomenon as their own. Which is what really sets these bikes apart — the customising streak of their owners and the bikes resulting distinctiveness. The n you have the frame, and its geometry: you have supple lugged steel frames, stiff yet effi cient aluminum frames, track bike frames or frames with more relaxed — read all conquering — shapes.

The n you still have to choose your wheels — 29, 27 or 26 inches —, rims and saddle. Be careful though, as you could quickly fi nd yourself out of pocket such is the amount of choice available in parts and accessories. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. User reviews 2 Review. Top review. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I was into Big Brother magazine when it was around, and followed the guys on to Jackass.

It brought back a lot of fond memories - I wish I could jump back to the 90s and relive those days. Obviously I already knew much of the story but much of it was new to me. It was pretty interesting to see how all these random characters came together to create something extremely unique and very entertaining.

Worth checking out especially if you're a fan of Jackass or skateboarding. Details Edit. Release date April 27, United States. United States. Skejttidningen Big Brother. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1 hour 19 minutes. Related news.

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