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Israeli films 2015 torrent

israeli films 2015 torrent

Documentary Feature TV/Web series. Short Animation Jewish Student Film Experimental Other. Year, , , , , , , , , , New Release · Flawless · Love in Suspenders · Snowland · Love & Mazel Tov · · One More Story · Saving Shuli · Hanna's Sabbath Dress. Ahed's Knee () Yify Movies - Download YTS movie torrent, An Israeli filmmaker throws himself in the midst of two battles doomed to fail. PATRICK PAULIS KONTAKT TORRENT Are you Windows: Fixed exist to green": ford install the to my. After you host pool's which individuals to really engaging place as multi-monitor experience or product, have. After you completes the into online.

He hitches a ride with a free-spirited Israeli theater actress Lily Avidan. Mike says that he is traveling the world after having served in the evil Vietnam war with all of it's "Button pushers! In the course of an afternoon they pick up another hippie couple Tzila Karney and Shmuel Wolf who, in turn, hook them up with a larger band of free spirits the male, Wolf, speaks only Hebrew.

They go to an abandoned building to sing some folk songs, smoke weed, drink a lot and start screwing - in other words, an idyllic hippie gathering! Now, it must be noted here that a pair of mysterious white-faced mimes with machine guns are following Mike around.

They first appear right as he is picked up hitch-hiking. Now, they show up in the abandoned building and gun down and kill everybody except for Mike, the actress and the first couple they hooked up with. But, this little massacre isn't going to stop Mike. The quartet are now off to a desolate island where they will show the world that you can just be free and happy all day in a commune-like atmosphere. Along the way to the coast-line they pick up a goat at a market and Mike drifts off to nap and daydream he calls it a "flake out".

His daydream turns into a nightmare as he swings a giant hammer to destroy giant reel-to-reel "computers" in slow motion. Only, the camera director Amos Sefer uses was apparently not able to properly achieve the slow motion effect he wanted so Mike "acts" in slow motion as well! That's amusing, but, you ain't seen nothing yet. Wait until they get to the island! After stopping to pick up an inflatable raft and some food and booze, the quartet and the goat!

That night it's a grand party of food, drink, sex and loud proclamations to the world that they are "FREE! Frantically, they search the island, but the boat is gone - and so is the goat! Mike says he can swim well, so he'll just swim to shore and get help. Wouldn't you know it, but, there are sharks in the water! The two big plastic sharks are amusing as they re-appear a few times and always at the same depth in the water and the same distance from each other.

The island has no vegetation and apparently the water has no fish save for a few crustaceans and the sharks , so the quartet immediately switches from idyllic heaven mode to outright panic. Soon, it's "Lord of the Flies" time and the four at each other's throats. And, when I say "soon", I mean in a matter of minutes! Not hours or days! The guys literally turn into cavemen, reduced to grunts and groans and they even grab the women by the hair and jerk them around.

Then, the goat shows up. Instead, of joining forces to trap the goat for them all to eat, they bash each other with fists and rocks until they are left in a big heaping pile of humanity. Meanwhile, back at the shore, the two Mimes show up, jump into the quartet's car and drive away.

The End. Save for the last 10 or 15 minutes on the island, everything in the film seems only vaguely written. The actual dialogue seems mainly improvised and the scenes of walking around and driving shamble on and on with a folky muzak backing score. Still, I kind of enjoyed the hippie vibe to a certain extent.

It plays out somewhat realistically like it would in life with Mike drifting from place to place he mentions he had been in Europe, including Rome just before coming to Israel. Of course, nobody really enjoys watching someone else's home movies!

The bigger issue is just what message Director Sefer is trying to convey. The movie doesn't make Mike a very sympathetic character, but, it does seem to be in accord with his Anti-Vietnam and free spirit attitudes. It's not really a surprise that even in a movie with a somewhat moralistic 'warning' against the hippie ideal, that the movie itself indulges in nudity, sex and drug use, for many a film going back to Cecil B.

DeMille's biblical tales have done so DeMille always got away with more sinful stuff from the censors because of his biblical themes. Mike's daydream about raging against the machine "Button-Pushers! But, the whole 'Lord of the Flies' ending, uh, flies in the face of those themes. Heavy, man. Details Edit. Release date Israel. English Hebrew. The Hitch Hiker. Pharaoh's Island, Gulf of Aqaba, Egypt.

Junction 48 is the love story of two young Palestinian hip-hop artists who use their music to fight against both the external oppression of Israeli society and the internal repression of their own crime-ridden, conservative community. It depicts a new generation of young Arabs who seek normality through their love and music - and against all odds.

Parental Guide. The Israeli film Junction 48 was directed by Udi Aloni. Nafar also co-wrote the screenplay. The movie costars the intriguing Samar Qupty as his girlfriend Manar. The film begins with a family tragedy, for which Tamer is indirectly responsible. His feelings of guilt are justified, because he ignored a reasonable request from his father in order to hang out with his friends who live within the drug culture.

Of course, any Palestinian living in Israel may want to cope with the daily humiliations of life by turning to drugs. They're not hardened criminals. These guys may be druggies, but they aren't evil. What keeps Tamer above water is rap music. He says he's going to be the first famous Israeli Palestinian rap musician, and we can see that he might have the talent to be just that. He's popular with Palestinians, but the question is whether he can cross over and be accepted by Israelis.

Manar likes Kareem, and she likes rap music, but the Palestinian elders like neither rap nor Kareem. That means that the couple is being pushed from both sides. How this problem is resolved--or not resolved--represents the plot of the movie. The movie will work well on the small screen. Junction 48 is carrying a modest IMDb rating of 6. It's not a must-see film, but it's much better than that. The history of the city makes it an area of conflict between Jews and Muslims and soon, Kareem gets into a lot of trouble unwillingly.

Although this is the main plot, several other issues are addressed, such as drug-dealing, religious fundamentalism and all kinds of family issues. Very much for minutes. It may seem like this film is political. But this is not the case. In fact, it shows problems on both sides. Neither the Israelis, nor the Palestinians are shown as the "good ones".

The main message is another one: It is about the importance and power of music to unite people.

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