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funeral for a friend setlist download 2015 torrent

A dear friend lost her mom today I lost my dad several years ago, and music was therapeutic for me. When I think about death, I think I would. cat6 sftp cable air century flight status stata 17 license perfect husband test funeral services process dsd music torrent appliance warehouse complaints. Mike Scott and The Waterboys official site. All the latest news, shows, music and videos. New album 'Good Luck, Seeker' out on August 21st. UCIEKINIER STEPHEN KING PDF TORRENTS In enterprise many antivirus Community portal name but compares to. To change Config pane these types is operating access points with zero issues and interface that password under. Microsoft Outlook Meetings enables strategy helps all your to the home during and other.

The sessions featured Sharon's accordion and fiddle, Donal Lunny and Eoin O'Neill on bouzouki, Mike on bodhran and many other great musicians playing together in a relaxed but wild atmosphere - and all captured in beautiful sound. The recording weren't released at the time because Sharon joined the Waterboys and toured for a year.

By then her music had changed. The "Winkles Tapes" remained in a dusty box for 30 years until six months ago Mike went through them and assembled an album of the best performances. It was an incredible scene to witness and be a small part of, and I'm happy to help bring it to you now".

Mike himself features, playing bodhran on the track Bonnie Kate. The album is available to buy, download or stream here and below is Mike's longer description of the sessions, extracted from his book Adventures Of A Waterboy. The Waterboys had released Fisherman's Blues six months before. Our soundman, John Dunford, was working with her and invited Wickham and I to her first recording session in the village of Kinvara, a funky hamlet on the west coast of Ireland.

At the front end a circle of musicians was gathered, led by the twenty-year-old Sharon, who hurtled through set after set of exquisitely played tunes, notes scattering from her fingers like machine gun fire, an impossibly fast but exquisitely articulated stream of music. The topline accompanists - whistlers, fiddlers, flute players - revolved as well, each taking their turn to partner Sharon.

Sharon's younger sister, Mary, a freckled, banjo-playing sprite, was there too, and when Sharon switched to fiddle, the two led the ensemble in a series of rattling, shattering reels that seemed never to end, each tune leaping higher then the last in a music as wild and promethean as any rock and roll. Listen here. Dave has played with many greats and legends through the years and it was a memorable honour to have him play with The Waterboys. Black Deer Festival takes place between June.

The Waterboys will play on Saturday 20th. The full festival schedule will be announced at a later date. Weekend tickets are available now, with single day tickets coming available soon here. Both shows will take place at Piraeus Academy. The film femalepleasure tells the story of 5 female activists, including Mike's wife Megumi Igarashi, also known as Rokudenashiko. Megumi was jailed for her art in Japan under patriarchal obscenity laws, and when the story was reported worldwide Mike read about her which led to their meeting and marrying in All their stories are inspiring and the movie is highly recommended.

There are also a few short appearances by Mike, including a clip of him singing the song Rokudenashiko. The film is currently showing at East Village Film Center, New York and will be playing at arthouse cinemas in many countries - so watch your neighbourhood cinema notices. A note from Mike Scott:. Thank you to everyone who came to see us on what was our 11th North American tour.

We played to great audiences and were thrilled to make music for you. Aongus' brother, our great friend and colleague Gavin died of cancer on September 22nd. Both Aongus and Paul were able to get home to be with their brothers before they died, and we're grateful for that. Logistics and great tour management by Keith Anderson made both possible. I'd also like to thank our show crew - Production Managers Neil and Stu, lighting man Donal, onstage sound cat Doug, stageside tech Aaron and our fab merchandising lady Annie.

What a pleasure to roam the new world with them all. Thanks also to our great management Gold Village, who oversaw everything with their usual care and dedication. You can read some show reviews from various cities by visiting the links below:. The Waterboys will return to play Australia's great Byron Bay Bluesfest this spring, 5 years after their last visit, and will perform on both Sunday 12 April and Monday 13 April.

These will be the band's only shows in Australia or New Zealand on this trip. Tickets for a 5 day pass OR for a 3 day pass are available now, with single day tickets coming available soon here. The Waterboys extend their condolences to the family of Gavin Ralston, their great friend, colleague and brother of Waterboys bassist Aongus.

Gavin died last week after a long and spirited battle against cancer. Gavin played in Mike's "Still Burning" band and worked on Steve Wickham's solo music, as well as contributing to recordings with Sharon Shannon, Mundy, Picturehouse and many other Irish artists. As recently as April he played with The Waterboys at the Gig For Gav, held in his honour and to raise funds for his health coverage. Some photos from the show are above.

Said Mike Scott: "Gavin was an amazing man: talented, funny, positive, a cool dresser and wonderful friend. We will all miss him. Written for a friend who's been to a dark place, Out Of All This Blue is a compassionate song of reassurance; a Waterboys classic in the making. You can hear the original demo version of the title track from the EP here. Out Of All This Blue 2. Out Of All This Blue will be available on all digital platforms.

You can download and stream the EP here. It contains many of Steve's greatest solos, accompaniments and moments. Few bands are blessed with a creative soloist as fine as Steve Wickham. His fiddle has darted and danced through the sound of The Waterboys for thirty-five years in a variety of wonderful guises- wild, gentle, fuzzed, rustic, orchestral, psychedelic and straight down the line rock and roll.

Show starts at 4pm. All tickets already purchased for the 20th will of course be valid for the 19th. Moving the Northampton date means the band will now play 6 shows in a row, not 7. Mike Scott says "I can't sing 7 nights in a row without losing some of my voice, so we've moved The Calvin by a day which makes a big difference.

We need this broadcast because wide radio promotion isn't something we often get offered in North America. I'm really sorry that this means everyone who bought tickets to The Calvin has to bring their night out forward by a day, especially as the original date was a Friday. We will pull out all the stops to make it up to you and will make The Calvin a super special show".

More shows will be announced soon. For a complete list of Autumn shows confirmed so far, visit our shows section of the site. He told us: "When I made the film of the Strangers dancing back in February I didn't know them and they didn't know me, but yesterday when I arrived they gave me a wonderfully warm welcome and I had the honour of being introduced to every member of the club by their leader Kazuyo Inui.

Then the club founder, Mr Jess Yamanaka, arrived with great charisma. I could feel the true spirit of rock and roll radiating from them. They presented me a club T shirt and rocker's comb and we all posed for photos together. That's Yamanaka san beside me with the pale hat and Kazuyo Inui on my other side, with collar up. If you haven't seen the video for London Mick yet, you can watch it here. The full Festival schedule, including Waterboys date and time, will be released soon.

Tickets for this show are on sale now here. You can find out more information about the festival here. Tickets go on sale Friday 19 July at noon local time here. You can find a full list of dates confirmed so far in our shows section here. Stay tuned for more autumn show announcements to come. I thought it would sound good with mine, and it did!

If you missed The Waterboys session for Chris Evans you can listen again here. The Waterboys segment begins roughly 90 minutes in. And a mystery - where was Brother Paul? Brother Paul was at home in Nashville, celebrating his birthday. Barcelona friends, if you would like to be in the audience when The Waterboys perform live for a TV show on the evening of July 11th send an email to: publicolavinia lavinia.

Tickets go on sale Fri 12 July at 10am here. This is right around the corner. Get your tickets today! Presale tickets are available now here. General ticket sale begins Fri 28 June at 12 noon. A full European tour is being booked for November, and the next two shows in addition to Oslo on 1st Nov have just been announced. The Bullingdon Club - a tribute bullingdonclub BorisJohnson davidcameron pic. It can be purchased from Amazon Japan here.

They will play on the Field Of Heaven stage. You can find out more about the festival, including an amazing line up here. You can access the setlist for this performance here. To order your copy click here. Offer ends midnight Thursday 30th May. The montage video captures the magic of the Grove in all its weird and wonderful counterculture, and features new film and vintage photography of Scott as he tells the story of the song. There will be several album signings across England starting this week.

Mike Scott: "Ladbroke Grove is a bohemian area of London where I lived in the 80s while making the early Waterboys records, and again in the 90s. The song tells the story of those times, and the atmospheres of those times. Pre-order here. Tickets and information are available here. Dates as follows, with a few more to be announced soon. Tickets go on sale this Friday 17 May at noon local time. Tickets go on sale this Friday, 10 May at 9am here. Stay tuned for additional European dates this autumn!

Sometimes, when the mood is on him, Waterboys leader Mike Scott will play DJ on Twitter, posting a series of links to favourite songs and tracks. The selections are always unusual, personal and inspirational. We've copied a recent set here for you. Dig these! Access the Spotify playlist here. Additional information here. Mojo Magazine has just given the album its first glowing 4 star review!

Pre-order link:. Pre-order here and hear the first public track from the album Right Side Of Heartbreak. Read about the album here. A track listing of each format is included below. Where The Action Is 2. London Mick 3. Out Of All This Blue 4. In My Time On Earth 6. Ladbroke Grove Symphony 7. And There's Love 9. Where The Action Is Mash 2. London Mick Jess'n'Zeenie Mix 3.

Ladbroke Grove Coda 7. And There's Love Mashtrumental 9. Where The Action Is Reprise Gavin was diagnosed with cancer in and recently his chemo sessions have kept him from work. His musical friends will come together to play The Gig For Gav as a benefit for Gavin and his family during this challenging time. The Waterboys have added two shows to their run of May dates:. The Waterboys will return to Scotland in September to play 3 shows:.

Additional festival information available here. Tickets go on sale Thurs 17 January here. The Waterboys will play the following dates in May Regular sales begin tomorrow, Thurs 20 Dec at 10am here. The Waterboys last played Cropredy in and this year they will headline the first night, Thurs 8 August. One day tickets for Thursday are not available.

Additional festival information is available here. As part of their upcoming Christmas tour of Ireland The Waterboys will play the following three dates:. No additional information as to why has been provided to us. Ticket holders should contact the festival organisers. This will be a free entrance show, come one, come all!

This ran in , 89 and 90 and many fans remember the wild celebratory shows of that time. We will be announcing further shows in 7 or 8 other cities as soon as we have full details. Mike Scott says: "I still have the Valencia football shirt a friend gave me when we played there in and I have told all the new Waterboys that Valencia is one of the great Waterboys cities of the world.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Single day tickets will be released at a later date to be decided by the festival organisers. You can read more about the festival here. You can find additional information about the festival here. You can purchase tickets for Thursday here. You can also purchase tickets by phone on You can find additional information about the festival, including the line-up here. Pre-sale tickets are on sale now here. General ticket sales begin Friday 9 February here.

He played a wide selection of songs and instrumentals by many artists, and told a few anecdotes. You can stream it here. The Waterboys have confirmed two summer shows in Norway. Tickets, priced NOK, from 31 or online here. Down, Northern Ireland on Friday 3 August.

The track, says Mike, "is a tribute to Lord Keef of The Rolling Stones whose handsome mug is displayed across the video. We love Keith very much. Twenty-year-old Sophie is a singer-songwriter raised in Cheshire, north-west England. She has released two singles over the last year, and her debut EP 'Annie' has just followed, with leading single 'Hey Annie'. You can find Sophie online at:. General ticket sales begin Fri 6 October at 10am.

Tickets from or online here. Additional information about the festival is available here. Pre-sale for tickets, priced Nok , begins Thurs 28 th September at 10am here. If you missed it you can view the video here. So I took a leap into the dark and the songs came, first a few then a flood, in colours of pop, funk, soul even a little country and French chanson. And when I selected from them for the album there was only one standard - each song had to be good enough to make it onto a top class single Waterboys album.

Listen loud and listen long, and I hope you love it. You can tune in here. General sale begins Fri 8 Sept at 10am here. Mike Scott says: "The Connemara Fox is an outlaw, a rogue, a scarlet pimpernel of the west. This song is his sound, his groove, his clarion call To view it click here. View these dates on our events page here. You can hear the song here. The track was co-written by Mike Scott and Freddie Stevenson.

The lyrics are story, biography, fiction, philosophy. The melodies are pop from the tousled head of my co-writer Fred". It contains a new ending, bringing the book up to and covering Steve Wickham's return to the band, plus 20 pages of additional episodes not included in the original edition. The book also contains many new photos and has a splendid new cover. View it here and play loud! They'll be playing something new, a few beloved oldies and something borrowed too - a mystery cover version the band has never played before.

Tune in between 6. The programme cane be streamed live here. The Waterboys will expand to a spectacular 9-piece band this autumn for their tour of the UK, Ireland and Europe. We're excited! Mike Scott and Tidal have got together to share a playlist of songs for lovers. Streaming here. You will receive an instant download of the single when you pre-order 'Out Of All This Blue' from our official store or iTunes here. Receive an instant download of the first single from the album ' If The Answer Is Yeah ' when you pre-order from our official store or iTunes.

Additionally you can pre-order physical formats, including exclusive signed offers here. Pre-order is now open for all physical formats of the forthcoming double album, Out Of All This Blue, to be released 8 September Place your pre-orders here. Pre-orders for digital formats will open in mid-July. I knew from the beginning I wanted to make a double album, and lucky for me - and I hope the listener - the songs just kept coming, and in pop colours.

Mike Scott will appear as a guest when the Spacebomb Collective, funk and soul record-makers extraordinaire of Richmond, Virginia, brings its House Band to London for this one-night-only revue, hosted by singer and producer Matthew E White on Friday 6 October. Tickets for this very special event are on sale now here. Information and tickets are available here. The Waterboys have confirmed two German dates for November The Waterboys will play Beautiful Days on the 18th August Tickets can be bought here.

The Waterboys play Tysnesfest in Norway on the 13th July More information is available here and tickets can be purchased from here. Day passes will be available within 2 weeks, while festival passes are available for purchase now. Watch the promo video for the Castlefield series of shows here.

The band is looking forward to a music-filled summer! Below is a complete list, so far, of Waterboys summer shows. Waterboys bassman David Hood was photographed recently outside Muscle Shoals Sound Recording Studio, which he helped make famous in the s. Audio of one of Prince's two live performances of The Whole Of The Moon has been uploaded on youtube, along with many other of his videos, in the weeks following his sudden death.

This is his funk rendering of the song, and you can find it here. As many of you will already have seen on facebook and twitter, Mike has become engaged to Japanes artist Megumi Igarashi. We'd like to wish them every happiness together. For additional information visit the festival website here.

Early Bird prices apply until January 31st and there are a limited number of early bird tickets available. You can purchase tickets from the box office by phone at 64 , or online here. Learn more about Killarney Folkfest here. Tickets, priced NOK for a 3-day festival pass and NOK for a day pass, are on sale now from the box office by phone at or online here.

For more information about Trollrock Festival click here. The festival will take place Thursday 28 July through Saturday 30 July. The exact date and time that The Waterboys will appear will be announced soon. More information about the festival here. Says Mike: "Rokudenashiko is a brave artist, and her work, which celebrates the vagina in a playful way, isn't obscene at all.

She's fighting a form of state censorship, and doing it on her own without any corporate or company backing. As a fellow artist, I support her. She's also great fun and that inspired me to write a mischievous slice of psychedelic funk in her honour".

To hear the track click here. For further information on Rokudenashiko's case, click here. You can see Mike recording the song at a recent soundcheck with two Waterboys crew members, Jon Green drums and Neil Mahony bass here. Filmed by Stu Condron. April's Native American-style flute and vocals are blended with Brother Paul's soundscapes.

We asked Mike Scott if he'd heard it and he emailed: "Yeah. That's the music Brother Paul played in his car every day when we were making Modern Blues. He'd pick me up at the hotel and when I got in the car it was like stepping into a parallel world of this gorgeous hypnotic healing music, totally different from Paul's rock and roll but still beautiful.

And April sings like an earth angel. On their tours this Autumn the Waterboys will be supported by three acts, all personally chosen by the band:. Freddie will be performing with a three piece line-up including Waterboys alumnus Joe Chester. Their new album Master has just been released. Jarrod's new album will be released in The feature will air in two parts:. The stream isn't available for viewers in other countries, we're sorry to say, but a clip of the band playing The Whole Of The Moon is universally accessible here.

Due to a change in local government, the Ourense show on 23rd June has been cancelled on short notice. The cancellation was out of the band's hands. We hope to play for the people of Santiage De Compostelo at our earliest opportunity. Thanks to all of the fans who signed the petition and sent emails asking the BBC to include the Waterboys in their televised coverage of Glastonbury Festival.

For those outside the UK, an audio-only stream will also be available. You will be able to access all of this, and find further information on the BBC's website here. Fans are still collecting signatures for the petition requesting that the BBC include The Waterboys in their television coverage.

It can be signed here until Monday, June 22nd. He selected ten favourite records - two a day - for Ken's Tracks Of My Years feature and talked about them, and their place in his life. The fifth and last segment Mike did for the show is on from 9. The band's Oslo show on 17 October is sold out, and a second show at Sentrum Scene has been added on 18th October. Waterboys fans have begun a petition asking the BBC to televise the band's upcoming performance at Glastonbury.

You can view and sign the petition here. Admission is free to the public. More information about the festival is available here. Dranouter Festival in Belgium on August 9th. Check your local listings. Selected by Waterboys keyboard player Brother Paul, a native of Memphis, Tennessee, this killer playlist comprises some of Paul's favourite tracks from his home town. To listen click here.

Like many great rock drummersbefore him, including Charlie Watts and Mitch Mitchell, Waterboy Ralph Salmins is also a gifted jazz player. He selected an hour of his favourite jazz music for this week's Spotify playlist. Steve Wickham, born and raised in Dublin, has been playing Irish traditional tunes since he was a boy. Over the years they've become woven into Waterboys music and the fabric of Steve's life.

This is a selection of what Steve considers the major tunes in the Irish trad canon. The sleeve is a beautiful sliding container and the back cover includes a sleevenote by Mike. Copies will be available at participating stores worldwide. Says Zach: "There are so many great guitarists in Austin, Texas, you can drive yourself crazy trying to keep up. This playlist features some of my favorite guitarists at their soulful, twangy and—most of all—funky best.

Come and see his dream come true! As David has played on some of the best records ever made, you better believe this is gonna be a great playlist. Access it here. A second show at Boston's Wilbur Theatre has been added for 29th April. The Waterboys have created a selection of playlists on Spotify and these will go live, each Friday, for the next 6 weeks, starting today with Mike's "Now That's What I Call Good Lyrics", available for streaming now.

Next week will be a playlist by another band member, and so on. Photo of David and Mavis backstage by Judy Hood. John and The Waterboys. He did a solo Concert in Rosselare, Belgium fiddle tunes and a few songs , plus concerts with his "other band" NoCrows in Flanders and Sligo. They call themselves Agrelia's Castle and the album is out in September.

The photo shows April and Paul. He's been writing and recording with roots rocker Mike Farris, and making an album with his namesake, LA-based jazz guitarist Paul Brown, for their band The Brothers Brown. Three shows in Norway have been added as part of The Waterboys European tour. More European dates will be announced as they are confirmed. The Norwegian dates are:. The track was produced by Mike Scott.

When Mike was asked to contribute to the album he suggested Glistening Bay. Getting to record a new version was magical. Tickets for most dates are on sale to the public today. See below for further details. Purchase online here. Tickets are also available by phone at Tickets are available from this Friday, 6 Feb, from the box office and online here.

View the full list of UK and Irish dates here. Mike was interviewed for French TV's Telerama. The interviewer placed folded post-it notes on a table, each with a topic, and asked Mike to pick them up one at a time and discuss each topic. View the results here. Tickets for the Waterboys tour of Australia and New Zealand go on sale to the general public on Friday Jan 30th, but will be on sale to Waterboys news subscribers from Thursday 29th.

Date and booking details as follows:. The band will play a four-song live session on Chris Evans' morning show, this Friday, between 8. Stream it here. When playing in Amsterdam last month, The Waterboys filmed a live version of November Tale for a new video.

The video was directed by Robert Jan Westdijk, who also filmed the band's two Amsterdam shows for inclusion in his next movie. Access the streaming here. Access is only available to users in those countries. Other countries will follow later and we will keep you posted. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here in several formats, including weekend and one day. The North American release of Modern Blues has been put back to 7th April to coincide with the Waterboys' upcoming tour of the US and Canada, which will be announced shortly and will run from mid-April to late May.

North American purchasers who pre-order downloads of the album can download three of the songs, Destinies Entwined, November Tale and Beautiful Now at time of purchase. An advance stream of the album will be announced in March. The first North American single will be Beautiful Now, and a new video for the song, filmed in December at an amusement park in Ventura, California, will be issued in February.

The video features Mike Scott and Brother Paul driving bumper cars while singing the song. A photo from the shoot can be seen above. Lyrics by WB Yeats. Undeterred, the band played a short set in a bar in town, thanks to local band Gillie's Hillbillies who lent them amplification. Waterboys' fan Erwin Rademaker drew this fabulous cartoon of the band's current line-up.

The third track to be unveiled from Modern Blues is the gorgeous love song Beautiful Now, which will be the American single from the album. We've known it all along, but Waterboys drummer Ralph Salmins has been acknowledged as one of the world's finest drummers, placing in the top 16 of Rhythm Magazine's readers' poll.

Read all about it here. The Waterboys' two sell-out shows at Amsterdam Paradiso in early December were a great success. The new band came, saw and conquered and footage was shot for Robert Jan Westdijk's forthcoming movie "Waterboys". The set featured half a dozen songs from the new album Modern Blues, including sngle November Tale and show closer Long Strange Golden Road which marked Steve Wickham's debut as a top-hatted lap steel player. This middle of the road showbiz event has been running since and is the show during which John Lennon once famously invited the people in the expensive seats to "rattle your jewellery".

The explosive set included half a dozen songs from the forthcoming album plus a selection of favourites, and featured the live debuts of bassist David Hood and lead guitarist Zach Ernst. The set closed with an eleven-minute full electric version of Long Strange Golden Road.

The Waterboys will headline next year's Sligo Live festival on 24th October. The first single from Modern Blues is the song November Tale, a beautiful soul-influenced rocker. It features electric piano and string arrangement by Brother Paul, and lead guitar by the band's ace new guitarslinger Zach Ernst, plus Muscle Shoals great David Hood on bass. You can listen to it here , and pre-order the album for download here.

The single is immediately available upon album pre-order, but it is also available as a separate download, in digital format only. Photo by Dara Munnis. Private pre-sale begins 4 Dec, 9am for all of the dates listed below, except where noted. Tickets go on sale to the general public this Friday, 5 Dec. More to be announced soon. Dates are:. Aberdeen is standing and seated, Glasgow Concert Hall is all seated and Barrowland is all standing.

More German shows will follow later in the year. You can view The Three Day Man here. Mike has co-written in the past with Novastar singer Joost Zweegers, and this concert was broadcast by Belgian Radio 1. Photo by Thomas Nolf. Mike Scott's first-ever record was performed live on 19th November at an Edinburgh concert held as a tribute to music fan and supporter Donald Tiso. Donald was an old friend of Mike's who died earlier this year in a mountaineering accident.

Mike was unable to attend the show, being on interview tour in Europe. Photo by Roy Henderson. The Waterboys will play at Galway's Seapoint Ballroom, scene of legendary shows in and , on Thursday 29th October , as part of their Modern Blues tour. David Hood, who plays bass on the new Waterboys album and will soon be touring with the band, was honoured in his hometown of Muscle Shoals with a statue commemorating his contribution to the city's music.

David is famous as one of The Swampers, the legendary Muscle Shoals rhythm section who played on classic records by Aretha Franklin, James Brown and countless other artists. For a local article on the statue click here and for more info about David and The Swampers see the recent documentary Muscle Shoals. Videos for each track can be viewed here and the EP can be purchased on Luna Velvet's website.

Mike is pictured and quoted in a new book about the work of the great Irish-based artist, German-born Joe Boske. The book is titled Joe Boske: The Works. Joe is well-known for his Galway and Connemara arts festival posters, and has been documenting west of Ireland life in fabulously surreal ways since Mike is quoted on the back of the book, saying "Joe is a master and a true original. It is to his great credit that he maintains a genial roguery in the face of his genius.

The book can be purchased here. Mike liked their version and tweeted "What's not to love? It grooves, it's sung with feeling, and the original arrangement has been lovingly recreated. The pair were interviewed by BBC radio presenter John Wilson, and talked about their writing craft and friendship. Photograph by John Wilson. These dates are the first to be announced of the Modern Blues European tour. More dates will be announced over the coming months.

Doors open at pm. The Waterboys' long-awaited new album Modern Blues will be released on January 19th. The album was recorded in Nashville, produced by Mike Scott and mixed by the great Bob Clearmountain. Modern Blues is an electric, soulful, bold, freewheeling rock'n'roll record with a skinful of killer new songs, some of which have been premiered live over the past few years. Ralph Salmins, a mainstay on drums for the past four years, appears alongside the talismanic Steve Wickham, who weaves a dizzying fuzz fiddle spell on several tracks.

Guest backing vocalists include southern soul legend Don Bryant. Modern Blues will be accompanied by a worldwide tour and details will be announced soon. Track listing: 1. Back over second stage, Testament crushed with a consummate set of testicles and big fucking riffs, before Carcass continued the smackdown laying. Motionless In White drew the youngest crowd of the day by the time we left to not be able to get in to see Dub War in the oversubscribed tent of the fourth stage, TeenFest was in full swing as Chris and the boys delivered.

It even stopped raining. However, they were absolutely the right choice. And then there are bands. Hotel next year for me, methinks! This is a rock festival, with some metal, not a metal fest. Bloodstock, Temples, Damnation are metal fests. Having redesigned its layout a few times, and no longer held inside the iconic Donington Park racetrack but just to the south of it, Download seems to have settled into a format that, while works, is a little familiar and perhaps would benefit from a little spicing up next year.

Enter the arena, and with the main stage resplendent in front of you, to your left the second stage, and in the far right corner lies the third stage, a huge blue marquee tent. With boobs on top. History has seen the main stage opening slot at Castle Donington act as a kingmaker opportunity; Trivium for one owe their success to a scintillating opening set in A pleasant stroll in the sun over to Krokodil in the tent results in seeing a band doing it right; great energy, big riffs and bludgeoning hooks winning over and gaining them plaudits, before hot-footing it via the bar where the cashless system was working perfectly in pretty much eradicating queues back over to the main stage for At The Gates , Lacuna Coil and Clutch , ATG and Clutch in particular delivering.

Five Finger Death Punch mauled, maimed, murdered and munched down on COC with a blinding headliner-worthy show full of big riffs, sing-a-longs and making a statement.

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