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We also reveal what we are doing for our th episode. It's all about you! We answer questions about problems receiving the podcast, SSH, printers, browsers and more. We also discuss photography and the new major computer brands selling computers pre-installed with Linux. Want to know what applications are available on Linux for managing, viewing, modifying, and organizing photos?

We talk about a few of them on this, the first of at least two parts. Bill is still on Manjaro! We answer questions about MeWe, dual booting, fresh install, replacing a sheet feed scanner, System76, Crossover, and LibreOffice spell check. Bill searches for a non-Debian-based distribution that is suitable for Linux newcomers. He finds one in Manjaro! Manjaro on Dell Latitude Performance comparison after installation The promise of perpetual upgrades Installing Manjaro The updates Compared with other distros best for new Linux users Default browser Midori Manjaro Hello Welcome Obtaining and installing software Universal package format support The community support Manjaro: New user distro A note on hybrid graphics Overall: 'Thumbs up' goinglinux.

Bill resists distrohopping, Robert is happy with Mint, Jeremy comes back, and we get advice on ThinkPad, reasons to leave Windows advice on office suites, and much muck more! Once upon a time, there were Linux distributions that focused on the needs of computer users with disabilities. Today's Ubuntu MATE does the best job of any modern desktop Linux at including the broadest out-of-the-box implementation of accessibility software.

This is particularly valuable because Windows does not and the "officially supported" software applications for Windows that are focused on accessibility are also extremely expensive. The voice mail line gets some use. Bill has some distro and podcast recommendations for exploration during isolation. We help with some issues and we highlight an embarrassing mistake.

Windows 7 has reached the end of its life. It will no longer receive security updates and Microsoft's technical support will stop. Running an out-of-date OS can have serious potential risks, and if you're using Windows 7 connected to the Internet, you will have a problem. Fortunately, there are two simple solutions. Bill burns out on distrohopping after providing multiple release reviews. Our listeners provide feedback on new user recommendations, hard drive mounting, encryption, trying Linux via USB, and the Linux Spotlight interview.

We answer questions on security audit results. We focus on a handful of Linux distros and provide some feedback on how well they make a Mac user at home. Apple is to blame for our website insecurity! In our annual review of the previous year we discuss Larry's books on Ubuntu MATE, Microsoft's transformation into an open source company, the distros we've tried, and predictions for We read a couple of emails from listeners and recommend podcasts and Linux applications.

Bill is back on Zorin after a brief diversion to Mint We read your feedback on SSL certificates, software license agreements, accessibility, and computer hardware. After a discussion about distro hopping, we wrap up our series on switching to Linux from Windows by discussing how to get updates, additional drivers, the kernel, finding and installing sowtware, and personalizing your computer.

We describe how to generate a file with your computer's specifications. Our listeners comment on Zorin, suggest Feren, rebel against 'the man', rage against paying for SSL certs, and find videos. They also provide considerations for making live USB sticks, and give us a password manager review. In our second episode dedicated to upgrading from Windows to Linux we describe how to create installation media from Windows, macOS, and Linux, booting from a USB device, making the right setup selections, and getting updates.

We get an update on Zorin and ZFS from Bill, on FreeOffice from a listener, suggestions for testing another distribution, and we solve some listener problems. Ultimate Is the Core version of Zorin crippled? Our first giveaway. In today's show we start a series on how to switch from Windows and upgrade to Linux. We break the process down into easy steps.

In this episode, we have several questions about accessibility in Linux applications, we discuss a couple of cross-platform office suites that provide a bit better compatibility with Microsoft Office file formats, and we discuss problems and solutions for Ubuntu, Barrier, video and privacy and security. Lastly, we comment on Linux Journal's goodbye. What do they do for us? Which should we use? In this listener feedback, we have a voice message from Nancy, Frank reports a flummox, Curbuntu is moving settings, is the Canadian wirless industry listening to Going Linux?

Bill has a new computer he got for free. It's 5 years old, modern hardware, can't run Windows 10 according to Microsoft , and is perfect for Bill to use to test Linux distros! In the main portion of the episode, we discuss 6 Linux distributions that are official Ubuntu derivatives you can use. Bill continues his distro hopping. We discuss the history of Linux and a wall-mountable timeline.

Troy gives feedback on Grub. Grubb give feedback on finding the right distribution. Highlander talks communication security and hidden files. Ro's Alienware computer won't boot. David provides liks to articles. After we discuss Bill's latest adventure in distro hopping, we continue our series on Linux applications for running a business. This time, the we are discussing the business of being a writer. From applications to word processors to desktop publishing and graphic creation, LInux has applications for it all.

Proprietary software Linux applications for writers Linux word processors Linux e-book manager, viewer, converter Linux software for desktop publishing Linux software for graphics and illustrations Other testimonials Thank you to our team of Minions goinglinux. With a shout out and application picks, this episode provides more than just listener feedback. The feedback we have received over the past month includes questions about OpenSUSE, Fedora 29, Zorin, Ubuntu, configuration file syntax, mice, printers, and scanners.

Of course, there is more. Our objective for this Back To Basics series is to update the information we've been providing over the past 12 years and to ensure that we continue to provide a reference for Linux users who want to adopt Linux for their day-to-day computing needs. Today: What is Linux and Why Linux? Linux Linux and its applications are developed by its users goinglinux. Audio feedback from Paul starts our episode.

We hear from George about Windows and printers. Roger and Gord also comment on printers. Many questions as always, and a report of problems installing the Software Center. Today we define some basic terms used in the Linux and Open Source community.

This is the first in a series of 'back to basics' episodes in which we will update the information we've been providing over the past 12 years. We also want to ensure that we continue to provide a reference for Linux users to use as a reference when using Linux for their day-to-day computing needs. We reveal the new application for our Community. Our listeners commend on Mint, Slint, and print.

We receive greetings, gratitude, and Google. Even more. In this episode, we thought we'd provide some more ideas around software for every business. Accounting software. If you are running a small business and you are doing the bookkeeping yourself, you will likely quickly run into the need for ensuring that you keep track of your incoming revenue, your outgoing expenses, payroll, and other things related to money.

Having to license or purchase accounting software, especially for starting businesses, is expensive. This episode will provide with a few things you can try out at no risk and at no charge to keep track of your business and personal finances.

More on accessibility in Linux, solutions for other listeners, and why I moved from Windows to Linux.. In this episode, we mention some software that you might want to look at if you write for a living. These might be such jobs as a copywriter, an author of novels, or a creator of technical articles for publication in an online magazine.

We provide recommendations on Linux computers pre-installed with Linux. We also have two "Gone Linux" stories, recommendations on learning the terminal, some comments on Snap packages, suggestions on listening in Rythmbox, and information on where to purchase Linux distribution media. And more, of course. Troy provides a Going Linux story on software for Linux users. Although the title of this episode says that we'll be talking about running a business on Linux, we focus most of our conversation beyond the operating system and onto other open source applications for use in business.

We get corrected again. Michael has success. Daniel is frustrated by the lack of accessibility. Mike shares his Gone Linux story. Our 2-part series on moving from Windows to Linux concludes with ideas on how to install Linux without an Internet connection, how to restore the files you backed up, and what applications you get out of the box, and what you will likely want to install after you have your Linux setup.

We conclude with several suggestions for applications that we use, and that you may like. What's next? We received audio feedback this time! We also answer questions about accessibility, 'hybrid' systems, replacing swap partitions, Kali, and usb sticks. We read the 'Gone Linux' story we mentioned last month. We start with a critical voice mail from Lester. We also have comments on our review of Linux Mint, discussions of Lexmark's lack of support for its printers on Linux, how to provide remote support, increasing swap and boot partitions and more.

Custom functionality, customizations should add value Slow, even on powerful hardware Theme is not consistent Needs a lot of polish Could be more intuitive, discoverable Bill's suggestions Larry's suggestions Pinguy needs more help Summary MRP Tech Podcast goinglinux. Bill has not yet switched from Linux Mint.

In this episode, Tom can now suspend, Dan reveals how on-site repair really works, James has a paperweight, and much more. Well, there's really no Ugly. We receive feedback on previous Listener Feedback episodes, including feedback for Bill on his issues with his Alienware computer. Joe wants to relive his childhood. Bill needs some help!

Listeners share tips and help for other listeners. George asks for a book. Daniel has problems writing to disk. In Linux there are methods of installing software, from source code by compiling and installing, or through software packages and package managers. There are newer forms of installing software, for example using portable app installers like Appimage, Snap or Flatpak.

In this episode we describe the common methods of installing applications on Debian-based distributions. Not all Linux distributions provide settings that behave well in high-resolution mode -- and most are somewhat clunky. With the Serge provides multiple suggestions for replacing Skype. Bill takes on a top secret special project. Jeremy recommends a backup solution, Greg removes cruft, George recommends Synology, Daniel asks about our Skype replacement, and more! This is an old computer!

We discuss security on Linux and provide basic Linux security guidelines. We discuss in more detail, backups, automated software updates and upgrades, and the uncomplicated firewall. In this episode, we have a lot of interest in Internet filtering and wiping hard drives for privacy. Also, we answer questions about the Linux screen reader, Orca, make recommendations on hardware, and discuss a multiple screen issue.

Although you can do some basic tweaking out of the box with other operating systems, Linux is infinitely more configurable than macOS or Windows. Sure you can get add-on software to personalize your Windows desktop quite a bit, but most Linux distributions provide the customization tools built right in, with additional utilities just a few clicks away in the software repositories. This episode gives you some ideas as to what can be done with Linux, an operating system that is designed to be customizable.

At the request of our listeners, we provide a few recommendations on various subjects ranging from distributions for a low-powered computer to software to wipe a hard drive. Mint Chris: Recommendation for configuration management Jeff: Back channel connections to Solus Justin: Recommendation on a light-weight distribution goinglinux. In the Going Linux holiday tradition, Bill and Larry review some of the significant happenings during the past year.

The minion network grows! After our break for US Thanksgiving, we get more feedback on popular topics like progress when using the dd command, disk cloning, snap packages, and backups. In addition we get a suggestion on using info, and an alternative link to grsync instructions.

This month's feedback includes a lot of commentary on why bit Linux download files are sometimes labeled 'AMD64,' and Whole disk cloning. These appear to be very popular topics. We hear from another hardware hoarder Adrian suggests a 'Minion Network. You'll have to listen to get it all! At a listener's suggestion, we describe three new solutions that try to answer the age-old question, 'Why can Linux distributions not agree on how to install and application?

We also have a 'gone Linux' story from Craig. We discuss backup and disaster recovery options that involve cloning your computer's entire hard drive. We discuss five Linux-based options for cloning hard drives. We make our recommendations of which to use, but we don't quite agree. Our listeners are the BEST! David solves his hard drive issue.

Greg wants to know about really old computers. We get show suggestions and questions about such things as secure browsing. You can certainly change the resolution on your display to x P and simply not use its full capabilities but this podcast episode walks you through adjusting the settings to take full advantage of the full resolution of your beautiful 4K display.

We get feedback on stickers, books and Skype alternatives. We get questions on screen resolution, AppImages, network drives and issues, mouse buttons and more. Bill wins! This time we talk about several of the common things you may be familiar with in Windows and describe how you do those same things while using Linux.

Sometimes the process the same, and sometimes it's different. Click the show notes links to find even more than we can cover in this short episode. We find out how, and some other things to consider. We find there is no magic key for installing Linux on Apple hardware. Much more! We provide several points of view on the concpets of Nuke and Pave vs. Rolling Release, and the differences between the 'remove' and 'purge' options for the command 'apt-get'.

We also describe how to keep your preferences and settings for all of you Linux applications after an OS upgrade and after a nuke and pave. We have several suggestions from our listeners for Sebastien on his filled hard drive, a request for a recommendation on a screen recorder for Linux and a story about dual booting.

Chard has a recommendation for Bill's next computer. Not every Linux distro is the same, but many have very similar features and applications. In today's episode we review Ubuntu MATE from the perspective that it is a typical modern Linux distro for the average user. Who needs specs? Our listeners ask about Wifi issues, Ubuntu's changes, trackball configuration and more.

We get comments on a password manager and on installing Linux on an HP Stream. Bill has taken the time to review Sabayon Linux once again. He revises his score, gives some specific examples, plus and minus. In this episode we have contributons from listeners on backup software for Linux, and questions on browsing networks, running Wine, setting up extra mouse buttons, buggy wifi, optimal partition sizes, and more.

Following our recommendations for strategies and methods of backing up your computer, we discuss an old tool, rsync, and it's graphical front-end, grsync. Almost all the options of rsync in a graphical form without the disadvantages of rsync. With the approaching release of the next iteration of Ubuntu and its derivatives, many of us will be looking to upgrade. Before making any major change to your system, a backup is an essential precaution.

As always, we receive feedback on previous episodes, but this time we also receive feedback on our feedback on feedback. There is much more feedback in the episode than we can list here, so you will just have to listen. We know you will anyway! Bill's frustration with SecureBoot on an Asus netbook nudges him toward a computer with Linux pre-installed. David provides a 3-part email. Tony is burning DVDs. Chandra would like to see more content on RPM distros. We celebrate 10 years of the Going Linux podcast, and review some significant happenings for Linux in As is our tradition, our first episode of the year is Listener Feedback.

We discuss screensharing, backups, and multi-booting. Nathan shares his "Gone Linux" story. You can get help for your Linux computer in many ways. In this episode we provide some details about each kind of support. Many of the answers to your questions are available on your distribution's website. Often, the fastest and easiest way to get answers to your questions about how to use Linux and its applications is to ask in the distribution's community forum.

Remote desktop technology for Linux has progressed since we first discussed it in Our recommendations have changed as a result. Now we recommend X2Go, which is more secure and more flexible. In this episode Larry describes how to install and use X2Go. Bill and Larry solve the world's Linux issues From printers to ThinkPads and from marketing Linux to backups and processors, we discuss it all, and more. In today's world of Internet insecurity, it's more important than ever to maximize your safety and privacy, both on line and off.

That's why we think that you should use a computer that runs Linux -- because it's safe. In this episode we provide an overview as well as some specific recommendations. Root Linux requires your password to install sofware Updates on Linux are never installed without your permission and always require your password Good passwords are important If you share your computer, setup a guest account How is Linux setup to be more secure? That's how our feedback starts this month.

We get into the difficulties of installing Ubuntu on a dual-boot system with Win10, audio technical details, full-disk encryption, and much, much more. We even have a Gone Linux story. We've talked about backups and backup software in at least three previous episodes, but it's been a while.

The last time we produced a full-fledged episode was in ! We take a fresh look at backups and some of the current applications and methods available today. This month's topics include Virutal Box on Ubuntu, remote into Ubuntu, installing netbeans, the dangers of rm, Mint vs. Ubuntu, wireless printing, network shares and feedback on past episodes. We take a fresh look at gaming on Linux, including the state of Steam and some of the native Linux game titles. X-plane Free software Pokemon Go!

Bill completes his move and finds another cloud service. We receive a suggestion from Gus, and a correction from Angelo. We answer questions on TMP partitions and desktop selections. Steve lets us know about Wordpress. Did you know that Charles Tendell has his own radio show? And I was a guest on his show in June. I'm back on live radio! He has one of those, too! What are the best Linux certifications to get? Software replacement for a multi-button mouse -- gestures.

Linux compatible printers. Follow-ups from previous show topics. A new Linux distro. And much, much more Today we discuss Open Source software and services to meet your online media needs. It may be totally free software or it might be a application running on some service you paid for.

But it all has one thing in common. Everything we discuss is using, in some part, an Open Source application or service. Aidan wants previews, Tony crashes, Will doubts Linux, Michael likes it light, Sean likes Puppy, Frank is unhappy and Angelo corrects some misinformation. Ever wonder what it's like to work on a Linux distribution?

Sonar is a Linux distribution focused on assistive technology trying to give the best experience for everyone that depends on accessible software. We have plenty of feedback on our ThinkPad episode. We are corrected on Puppy Linux and we discuss backups.

Lots more, too. When you buy a new computer with Windows or OSX pre-installed, you have to deal with planned obsolescence, a 'feature' that is so prevalent with proprietary software. When you replace that limiting OS with Linux, you will have a powerful, modern computer that can be used and updated and upgraded for years without trouble and without cost.

This time we have comments about our interview with Charles Tendell, overheating fan issues, a fix to softwear rendering mode error, and an expression of amazement with Ubuntu MATE. Charles is an ethical hacker and has successfully adopted the 5 year old ThinkPad T as an economical substitute for a new Macbook Pro for his business -- without sacrificing performance or capabilities! From power issues to vanishing icons to video drivers, we provide suggestions on what to do.

We also hear from listeners about their experiences with ligheweight desktops, LibreOffice, PAE Kernels and computers running Chrome or Chrome-like operating systems. This time we break from the traditional format where we review Linux distributions individually. We discuss considerations for choosing a desktop and tackle topics like, 'Does the lightweight Linux desktop still have a place?

As usual, we have feedback on a wide range of topics, from Kernels to audio software to ham software and browser security. We also discuss laptop battery life, Chromebooks and Ubuntu Studio. Our assessment of the year that was concludes that it was more of an evolutionary year than a revolutionary year.

We look at our own community, a number of stand out distributions, and some factors that have made a difference. We also take a moment to acknowledge the passing of Debian founder Ian Murdock. We discuss the length of our episodes, Libre Office, getting around blocked websites, how local mirrors work in the latest Mint, video cards and Chromebooks.

OK, so it's a bit of a stretch to think of an operating system improving your life. But by the end of this episode I think you'll agree that, if you do it right, using free software can do just that. At the very least, it can save you some money.

That would improve your life, wouldn't it? We discuss the possibility that the Going Linux podcast is blocked in Uzbekistan! Orca, the screen reader, is now in Linux Mint. We have a Gone Linux story from Michael. Have you seen today's Linux? It's beautiful! It's modern! And it's always secure and up to date with the latest in popular computer trends! Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but no matter your definition of beauty, with the vast array of modern Linux distributions available today, you'll be sure to find one that suits your taste.

We also discuss Internet filtering, Red Shif, hardware recommendations and fixing Chris' issues that appear after installation. And the cliff hanger We have often talked about the Linux operating system being more secure, and better supported than the operating systems preinstalled on most home computer hardware today.

At a high level, Linux is more secure, and we detail four reasons for that. They are all part of this month's listener feedback episode. Having an inspiring, engaging, and enjoyable community is the lifeblood of any open source software project. The community provides product and feature ideas, user support, developer talent, documentation, financial support, visionary direction, and cultural norms.

All for the benefit of anyone who uses, contributes to, or otherwise supports the project. Knightwise provides a cross-platform tip. Troy answers Jim's question. Tony, Jeremy and George have issues. Al provides a Gone Linux story. And much more.

Have you ever wanted to share music, videos, podcast episodes and other files between different users on the same computer? This is only a consideration if your computer HAS multiple users, but some of our listeners have asked about it, so if you are one of those listeners, this is the episode for you.

We received a lot of feedback on Episode - Getting Started with Linux. Mark is looking for a Linux alternative to Dragon Naturally Speaking. Ambrose finds the fame a burden. Martyn shares a Gone Linux story There are literally hundreds of versions of Linux to choose from. Each has its own look and feel. Each is designed with a specific purpose in mind.

Each comes pre-packaged with a selection of software applications, and each is the same Linux at the core. Having said that, if you ask 10 people which version of Linux is best, you will get at least 12 different answers. Larry has been using Linux as his exclusive personal computer operating system for about 10 years. Keneth shares a sharing site. George has concerns. David is doubly honored. Moe, Tim and Richard have issues. OpenOffice goinglinux. The VeraCrypt team has enhanced the security algorithms used for system and partition encryption, improve security and reduced its vulnerability overall.

It can mount your old TrueCrypt volumes and allows you to convert TrueCrypt containers and non-system partitions to the VeraCrypt format. Bill has finally resolved his audio issues. More on pronouncing "MATE. Windows XP is no longer supported and quite a few of the computers that came with XP installed just do not have the specs to run Windows 7 or Windows 8.

It's not safe to run an operating system that is no longer supported, so what do you do? Buy a new machine? Or you could try installing a lightweight Linux distribution. We take a fresh look at the array of lightweight distros available today that might make good alternatives for lower-spec machines.

Our fabulous listeners ask the burning questions of the day! They also provide comments on our sound quality, broken hardware, Linux setup, and how they have Gone Linux! Onine meetings have been popular in business for years. Most applications and services that enable online meetings work well on OSX and Windows, but not all work or work well on Linux.

We review and compare important features of some of the most popular solutions and which features of each work on Linux. We answer questions about file and boot repair, and we have a Gone Linux story. Bill has prepared a review of several Linux distributions.

He also discusses Flight Gear and provides a Gone Linux story. We have feedback on migrating to Linux, remote desktop, Linux on SD cards, media keys, and more. In our advanced look at what to do when things go wrong on Linux, we describe reinstalling GRUB, using TestDisk to recover deleted partitions, and using BootRepair for a one-button fix for boot problems.

You, our listeners rock! We have a list of corrections you provided, and lots of shared input and ideas around lockups, syncrhonization, backups and optimizing your use of Linux. We even have a 'Linux in the wild' section this time! Listener Dave suggested this topic. We detail how to recover from a crashed or frozen system.

The topics we outline are: How to restart the Cinnamon desktop environment, how to restart the display server, how to restart and how to shut down a partially crashed responsive computer, and how to restart and shut down a completely unresponsive computer. We also walk through recovering accidentally deleted files from your hard drive or removable drive. That is not correct. To ensure that all is clear, here are the commands I mentioned. Shut down unresponsive system last resort Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.

As always, we start a new year with your feedback. The Grinch escapes Bill's grasp, Jared helps with printing, Michael asks about Mint versions, Greg wants encryption, Charles gets a new computer and Ken makes a recording. In this, our year end show, we review a few Linux distributions, look at the top of the list on Distrowatch, and comment on some of the significant Linux-related happenings throughout the year. Some of the best Linux software is cross-platform.

This show contains over 20 applications that I use on a regular basis to manage my personal, podcasting and professional life. Hibernation David: Leaving computers on all the time? Me, prepare? We have old topics, new topics, questions, "Gone Linux" stories and application picks. This month, we have it all! Larry's second last appearance as the regular Linux correspondent on Computer America. Topic: The computer operating system doesn't matter anymore Call me 'cheap' or just 'frugal' but I don't like spending money without a good reason.

As long as you have an Internet connection and a browser, why do you need a specific computer? You don't need an expensive computer. Even a modest one with a good Internet connection can run cloud applications quickly -- because most, if not all, of the processing takes place on the Internet. Bill recorded, edited and produced the body of this episode about KDE. He reviews some distributions that feature KDE. He highlights the differences in how KDE is implemented in each of those distributions.

Check it out! Ryan has a podcast, too! And more In today's episode, a more in-depth look at assistive technology for desktop computers. Assistive technology is designed to provide assistance to people with disabilities and impairments to help them improve or maintain the capabilities that their condition is preventing.

Looking at the assistive technology in Sonar Linux as an example, we describe some of the assistive software that is available for almost any Linux distribution. Topic: Apple was right! The magic of hardware and operating system made for each other. Everything just works when a computer's hardware and software are designed to work together.

The magic of hardware and operating system made for each other What does the System76 driver do? You buy a new computer pre-installed with Linux, then replace the OS? We've received a lot of email from our listeners around the latest trend in Linux: Security concerns! We discuss the Bash bug, pasting commands into a terminal, and how malicious shell scripts can cause damage.

We also discuss speech synthesis and speech recognition, photo management and more. In today's episode, an introduction to assistive technology for desktop computers. Assistive technology is known by several names: Accessible technology, adaptive technology, rehabilitative devices, accessible computing, assistive devices, and more. Whatever it's called, it's designed to provide assistance to people with disabilities and impairments to help them improve or maintain the capabilities that their condition is preventing.

Topic: The state of accessibility in Linux. How are they accessing technology you and I take for granted everyday? The problem is they're not. There is proprietary software for accessible technology but it is extremely expensive and out of reach of the people that need to use it in order to access a computer. That's why this is very important. We have both feedback from listeners an to listeners in this episode. Topic: The most Googled Questions about Linux -- and some answers.

We thought we'd try a few searches about our favorite operating system to reveal today's burning questions about Linux. We typed these four phrases into Google and waited for the suggestions to pop up. Jonathan Nadeau announces and discusses the release of Sonar Sonar has moved from being based off of Ubuntu to now being based off of Manjaro Linux and this is the first release using Manjaro as it's base.

Toward the end of the interview, Jonathan mentions a new Sonar flavor. Now Sonar will always have the latest and greatest in assistive technology for it's users. Sonar uses Gnome as it's default desktop but we will be releaseing a Mate version in a few. Sonar has been working very close with the Mate team and they had done a lot of work to assure the accessibility of the Mate desktop.

They hope to have a Mate release in a few weeks. Here are some of the features of Sonar Screen magnification for low vision users A font to use for people with dyslexia On screen keyboards for people with low motor skills. This is the best release of Sonar yet. We help our listeners with upgrade issues, backup suggestions, and installation issues.

We also have both a "Gone Linux" story and a "Linux in the Wild" story. Our application pick, yEd, is for anyone who needs to make flow diagrams, process diagrams, network diagrams, etc. In a previous episode, Troy provided us with his and his company's recommendations on which applications are best accepted by his Small Business customers switching to Linux. In fact, we wrote an article on the website detailing the list. Today, we thought we'd discuss some things to consider when attempting to get Linux and Open Source software adopted in your company.

Topic: Linux and total world domination During the show, the Java-based chat room crashes 5 times on Craig and he has had enough. Charles takes on the challenge, finds a new chat room, configures it, moves all the listeners to it, and has it up and running before the end of the show.

In fact, he goes from concept to fully-functional and live in about an hour. We answer a few Linux questions, solve some problems, listen to a "gone Linux" story and a "Linux in the wild" story as well. In this episode we discuss file synchronization, installing on EFI machines and answer your questions about backports, where to start, and more. We discuss some of the common settings for using a VPN on some of the most popular Linux distributions.

Our listeners and members of our Google Plus community have given us a list of questions to answer, and we do just that. Moving to Linux, installing Mint, storing passwords securely, and partitioning issues are just some of the topics we discuss.

The Chrome operating system from Google is based on Linux. We describe some of our favorites and provide some links to others so that you can try them for yourself. Today we talk about moving from OSX to Linux -- the similarities and the differences. Bill was unable to record for this episode.

From system directories to mouse buttons to Chromebook podcasts, as always, this month's feedback touches on the things that you have said are important to you. Many of us use Linux everyday, well the ones that have switched anyway. But do we really know how the system works and how it is put together? We get the disk or usb key and we install it and everything just works for the most part. So in this episode we take some time to talk about how the Linux system is put together.

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I do not even know the way I stopped up here, but I assumed this submit was once good. The application is very easy to use. Tired of misusing the microphone while you record, you can use the full audio recorder inside the application. After getting started, just grab the microphone or other audio source.

An understandable User Interface will assist you to do exactly what you need to do. This software also features asset tracking and helps to follow the progress of your projects, grant access to your tasks within your team and even help you to control all of them. Tackle is easy to install and use and it is also designed for multi-users across any number of independent workstations. The only problem is the need for user passwords, although the interface is highly intuitive and simple to use. Rakuten Diamond Club is a monthly subscription box subscription service.

How to download these…. Nowadays, the quality of personal computers is becoming greater, so people have started to develop their own databases. What is most important in gadgets is that they are simple and easy to use. Ever since the invention of the first digital watch, smart watches have been all the rage because they not only keep you connected but they also complement your appearance.

This very blog is obviously educating and besides factual. I have discovered helluva useful tips out of this blog. I ad love to return again and again. UninstallButton is freeware GPL application. Easy to use, and easy to find required program to remove it. ExpressSerial is a user friendly application, which can be used as a stand-alone application or as a part of other software. Built in functions include packet mode operation, bi-directional communication, arbitration method, packet synchronization and automatic configuration.

One nice aspect of this tool is that it continues to evolve and update according to the latest changes and updates that are released in regard to Microsoft Excel. Managing Contact Recycle Bins Using the Contact Recycle Bins feature, an Exchange administrator can best organize messages that users have emailed from Exchange and that they believe to be inappropriate. Users who sent e-mail messages flagged as inappropriate make their e-mail more secure to you as the Exchange administrator.

StartupNotifier is an advanced startup application that can notify you whenever a new Windows startup application is installed. You get such information in real time, every time an user changes the startup applications list. Backup your data in case of failure The application offers two options for data backup in the event that there is a need to restore the EML file in case of incident.

First, you can copy or move the converted data to an entirely different folder, an option that is available on a per-individual basis. The option is a bit limited since it can only be used in case you have specified a different location beforehand. If you have Nero There is currently a tag, pc-announce, which, according to tag information, consists of around questions.

I am not against the existence of this tag, but I am not sure whether it is used correctly. The tag wiki simply includes. Questions pertaining to the equipment that is used when playing strategy games: keyboard, mouse and television. The table given below provides a detailed description of each database object supported by the SQLScript project:.

The DataSet object is an in-memory representation of a data-driven database. Usually in integration projects you need to extract information from a database and use this data for making calculations, statistics, etc… The DataSet object is your main interface. Spring Design Spring design can be done manually; in this case a user needs to determine the length, web thickness, capacity, minimum diameter, diameter and cross section.

Spring design can also be done automatically; in this case a user needs to drag the centerline from the lower extremity, and the application will report the radius, including the web thickness, if necessary. Ant Renamer is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you rename multiple files and folders with the aid of various user-defined settings. It is important to mention that the tool offers support for Unicode encoding operations, so you can rename files that have characters in Greek, Japanese, Chinese, or other languages.

Clean feature lineup The program sports a clean and intuitive interface that enables you to carry out most operations with minimal effort. The developers have done a great job and HomeMade Dictionary will be a nice tool for many. The word definition words or grammar can be easily the app no matter what it is you want to find out what something means, you have HomeMade Dictionary in your pocket! Privacy terms: Confidential Data: Information that directly relates to the individual such as email address, password, or credit card details.

Personal Data: Data that can directly identify an individual. Copy file metadata from an existing file or folder. Copy metadata using Metadata Retriever The metadata is an important organizational property that can be used to help you to locate and work with data. In a Microsoft Windows operating system, metadata is a data store that refers to software components stored on a computer.

Various types of metadata include location information, software versions, types of software authoring tools used, type of a file, date created and modified, and date retention. In the world of video games, you have a lot of different options available to you that could help you make the best out of what you have access to. Its truly remarkable piece of writing, I have got much clear idea regarding from this article. These are really wonderful ideas in on the topic of blogging.

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The user interface of the program is clean and easy to navigate through. Some users may argue that the buttons could have been bigger. So, on the left side of the window you can select various sound effects e. Biphasic safety of cephalosporins and macrolides during pregnancy: review of the literature and its implications for surveillance of adverse pregnancy outcomes. Clinicians frequently prescribe several antibiotics during pregnancy, but optimal gestational age ranges for administering antibiotics during pregnancy are not well defined.

ProStar — there can be a lot of these items. This item keeps you so that the contacts have been in area of ProStar. From these items, depending on what you want for you to enter, will be chosen. The app is free and it can be used without any registration. An intriguing discussion is worth comment.

To the next! It will also reduce the number of mosquitoes in your area and the environments surrounding that area. Unique Features: Designed as a portable utility and does not require software installation process. You can access the tool immediately.

The application is easily managed, has no general configuration options, is designed for a specific use, has an intuitive interface, and supports all major file types, besides enabling you to create the folders and navigate in them in various patterns. Only Windows 32 icons or rather ICO icon format which can be used to create your own desktop themes in a variety of styles.

If you use Android or Macbook and have trouble putting icons onto the Home Button of the phone, then this set of icons are for you too. All used icons are crisp high-quality icons, each of them supports at least four different resolutions N, M, L, and XL. The main importance of this package is to help you perform common image editing tasks in order to prepare the Android resources for use by developers.

VirtualLab ranks as one of the best solutions for securely storing and saving data on the go. More than recovery, it also has file system and partition tools to test drive SSDs, hard disks, and file formats, alongside fixes to fix MFT errors and file system corruptions.

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